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David Kwek

Family Counsellor

Master in Counselling (AU)
MA Diplomacy (UK), PGDE
Gottman Method L2 Practitioner

CounsellingWerkz is a private professional Counselling and Therapy practice established since 2009 [BReg 53145200W}.
David is qualified Counsellor with more than 18 years of experience in education & counselling.  

He obtained a Master in Counselling (Distinction) degree from Monash University, Australia, as well as a MA in Diplomacy from Leicester University, England in 2009 and 1996 respectively.

David was a MOE educator in Singapore for many years. He taught, counselled and mentored many adolescents.  He is also a  trained Clinical Hypnotherapist  (LCCH)  with treatment methods which highly complements regular therapy in helping with stress & anger, anxiety, addiction, and grief issues.

David was invited as guest speaker on the Slice of Life programme on  Radio Singapore FM 93.8 Live in August 2012. He shared the don'ts and pitfalls which the Gottman methods recommends to avoid while communicating with your partner which could harm the relationship. His next visit to the 93.8 studio will share on the do's and principles of the Gottman Method to building a successful relationship with your partner.

David has also been consulted and cited as an expert in articles for Teenage Magazine, Young Parents Magazine, Women's Weekly Magazine and Her World Magazine.

Tweens & Teens Counselling
Raising and educating our children is a tremendous challenge. We live in eventful and challenging times. Technology is both a boon and bane. The pace of life and changes increases ever so.

Helping tweens & teens address and resolve issues/problems with themselves, peers and elders are vital to them and their parents. 

Successful intervention will result in greater maturity and emotional stability for these children and adolescents. They would then go on to achieve better grades and better relationships with their parents and peers.

There are many definitions of, and paths to success. It is important to help our young people find their confidence and have a healthy self-esteem. CounsellingWerkz’s mission is to help everyone obtain the goals they are determined and committed to achieve.

Singaporean tweens and teens face many challenges such as identity, emotional, communication, GBR, and familial issues, etc.

Many tweens & teens have found David to be easy to talk to; he listens patiently. He's open-minded and non-judgmental. Most feel comfortable speaking to him. He acknowledges their points of view while challenging them with alternative perspectives. David also emphasizes values such as respect and tolerance for others, humility, patience, kindness and compassion, as well as courage and determination in the pursuit of goals.

Gottman Method Couples & Relationship Therapy
David is a certified Level 2 Gottman Method Practitioner in Couples Therapy.

John Gottman is an American psychologist widely recognized  as the international authority and foremost expert on Couples/Relationship Therapy. Gottman's methods are based upon rigorous scientific research and validation.
They have proven to be highly effective in helping couples improve/rescue their marriages and relationships.