During our many parenting counselling sessions with David, we found him to be an experienced and professional counsellor. He always listens well and is able to identify the problem, giving us guidance to options and encourages us to look for potential solutions to these problems. 

David is down to earth and easy to relate to. He is sincere in helping us manage our problems and challenges we face in our family. There were a few times when we were inundated with issues that we were in desperate need of help and guidance, David responded to our call and addressed our concerns immediately, offering timely and useful advices.
David plans and organizes each counselling session, making each an effective and communicative one. As such, we are able to receive quality counselling service for the reasonable fee he charged. Through these counselling, he helped us not only to solve existing problems, but to prevent future problems from occurring as we learn to apply to new situations and enhance our coping ability should problems arise.
We are grateful to David for the positive change to our family life.
— Mr & Mrs Neo
I have obsessive and anxiety issues and am constantly checking and counterchecking to make sure that I do not do something wrong or embarrassing. However, David has allowed me to realise the root cause of my worries and have allowed me to understand my situation and myself better. I have also realised that my worries are unnecessary and that there are only a few things in life that are important and worth worrying about. Hence, I will try to control my anxiety rather than having it control me.
— Miss Ng:) , 18
First I sent my son to see David. Later he helped me with problems with my husband. He is a good and patient listener. Many times he gave me extra time to talk without charging me extra. I had never talked to a counsellor before so it was difficult for me. After our sessions I feel better and try to follow his advice. My son also like him a lot. Thank you!
— Sharon, 39
I am a very private person but I was able to warm up to David because he is a good, patient and empathetic listener. After the first couple of sessions, David has enabled me to gain a better understanding of myself and my relationships struggles. Though it was quite nerve-wreaking, he helped me to identify with the anxiety and distress caused by my relationship fears and put things into perspective for me. He also reassuringly allowed me to come to terms with affecting issues from my past. In return, I am increasingly confident that I can manage the issues that stress me. I am really glad i came to talk to David because I feel much better now!
— Justina, 26
Having seen many therapists before, David has been the only one who has been able to reach out and help me in practical ways. Giving me clarity on how I should approach & handle certain situations in life. He has a great deal of empathy and is genuinely interested & invested in helping me resolve my issues. He has also been extremely generous with his time with me. I am really thankful to have David as my Counsellor. I would highly recommend anyone who needs help to see David as I do believe he will be as great a help to anyone as he was to me. Thank you David.
— Debra, 31
When I had problems in school, Mr David helped me to see my teachers. He explained my problems so they understood me better. After that, it was better because they knew my problems. I felt very lonely in Singapore because I had no one to talk to. I can talk to Mr David. He is kind and patient. My parents and me want to say thank you!
— Xiaowei, 19
David helped me to resolve a conflict situation. I was very stressed because of it. After that I felt much better and could do other things. Before I had problems sleeping and was very worried.
— Miss Min, 41
Counselling has really helped me to come to terms with the separation with my ex wife. I recommend couple counselling to every couple, because all marriages have their challenges and if you deserves to talk about it to someone neutral and professional. David is an honest, considerate and genuinely helpful counsellor
— Mr. P, 32
I have learned a lot from David. Thanks.
— Ms. Chan, 17
David is a good counsellor. I think he understand. I feel better after I see him. Thank you
— Ms Li, 27
David is an understanding and professional counsellor. I could open up to him because he listened. I used to think there was nothing another person could say me to me that I did not already know. David told me when I was inconsistent and contradicted myself; I was surprised because I didn’t realize it before.

He shared with me that my thinking was like a hamster running in a circle; never ending and in circles.I asked him many questions because I wanted to know if what I did was right. He taught me to consider alternate perspectives and to be aware of my own assumptions and habits of thought. Thanks, David.
— Mr Quek, 34

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